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Digital Marketing Essentials

Digital Marketing Essentials by In today’s high-tech and cut-throat era, a revolutionary digital marketing strategy has become the new bread and butter for every marketer. However, the main question that crops up apparently is how best to utilize it.  Doubtlessly, the success of a business presently depends on the right kind of strategy; after all, […]

Content Marketing vs Digital Marketing

Content Marketing vs Digital Marketing by Marketing has come a long way in the recent few years and, as you may know, a broad array of marketing types is in trend today.  Many of the marketing types are known to most people yet some of the marketing types that are already in trend; you could […]

Digital Marketing vs Online Marketing

Digital Marketing vs Online Marketing by A very familiar term “digital marketing” is often confused with “online marketing” or “Internet marketing”. This phenomenon is a commonplace and trite among the mass as well as in conferences and events. Although the terms share a handful of similarities in mutual, yet they also have salient main features […]

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August 5, 2020 – Core Keyword Ranked in Featured Snippet for 3 Geographies

Challenge Client's core keyword was 'SHIPMATE' with Global MSV - 8800 Per Month. As you can see the search volume...
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August 5, 2020 – Traffic Surged 1400% after Technical SEO Fix

ChallengeAsyad had done the initial site setup and basic on-page optimization. But the site was not able to take off...
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August 5, 2020 – Approximately 50% Organic Traffic Increase in 1 Year

Challenge Gharbheti team wanted us to work on improving the SEO Performance of their website by increasing the visibility of...
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Digital Marketer to Give Your Business the Winning Edge

What is Digital Marketing all about?

In general, digital marketing is an innovative and proven technique that works effectively in promoting a brand through various digital channels, for example, websites, search engines, email, online funnels, and numerous digital touchpoints.

In short, digital marketing acts as a catalyst to market the products and services of a brand and help it earn an improved competitive edge in the market. Digital channels typically include:

  • Websites
  • Search Engine Rankings
  • Social Fan Pages
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Sales Funnels
  • Display Ads
  • Corporate & Personal Blogs

In addition to this, a digital marketer must also utilize quantifiable analytics to determine weaknesses and find ways to turn around the performance across these channels.

As a digital marketer, you can be responsible for dealing with all the facets of a brand's digital marketing strategy or just crack down on one.

A Digital Marketer is Responsible for

Digital Strategy - We help clients familiarizing them with evolving cost-effective opportunities, pinpoint unforeseen value, and create new businesses by exploiting the entire power of digital.

Website Design and Development – Working in harmony with web developers and designers, a digital marketer may synchronize the design and functionality of a company’s website and execute the process.

Content Strategy – In addition to structuring the design and functionality of a company’s website, a digital marketer has to create and manage the entire website’s content as well as to create and deploy the content strategy to ensure your entire website goals are achieved.

SEO and SEM – A digital marketer also has to determine whether the website is readily found by the targeted customers. Optimizing the website’s configuration and content through search engine optimization (SEO) and/or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are the two ways a digital marketer can help drive the targeted traffic to the website.

E-Commerce – Moreover, a digital marketer is also responsible for converting website visitors into customers. They do this by facilitating and streamlining the web shopping experience and making it as available as possible and offering attractive deals.

Brand Visibility – Good brand visibility is essential for the stability and further growth of a business. A well-thought-of reputation of a business prompts targeted customers to take interest in the products and services. At USR digital, we pinpoint the right targeted customers to enhance the brand visibility of a business successfully.

Happy Client says

  • Working with USR Digital was an indelible experience for me. The way Team USR carried out the Technical SEO troubleshooting was very detailed and constructive. I must say Team USR is a piece of work; they left no stone unturned in enhancing our website’s traffic. Today I am overjoyed to see my website free from Technical SEO errors.
    Sameh Abu Jarour
    Managing Director,
  • I got in touch with USR Digital in 2019 for the first time with the view to turn around my website performance. Fortunately my decision to hire them turned out to be optimistic after witnessing a terrific change in my website traffic. I render great thanks to Team USR for being so loyal, helpful and dedicated in turning my vision into reality.
    Niharika Arora
  • Quality work and friendliness is why I chose to work with USR Digital. The planning and organization was detailed and professional. They increased our traffic, thus resulting in greater visibility, more leads and maximized revenue. I strongly recommend Team USR for digital strategy and optimization work at levels of sophistication.
    Rajan Dahal

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